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Diagnosis/Treatment Services

Dr. Gallia has devoted much of his 22-year medical/dental career to the diagnosis and treatment of TMD/Facial Pain Disorders. As a physician-dentist ENT-Oral Surgeon he is uniquely qualified to diagnose and treat the most difficult cases. Most often Dr. Gallia will ask you to fill out a comprehensive pain questionnaire. He will then personally take a medical-dental history to augment the information in the questionnaire. A very comprehensive head-neck-maxillofacial examination will be performed. He will then discuss your diagnosis and treatment options. He may order additional tests including x-rays and blood tests. A complete report will be dictated and sent to the referring clinician.

Dr. Gallia can assume the role of the primary treater of your TMJ/facial pain disorder, or he can act as consultant to manage your care along with your primary treater. He can assume the role of a second opinion only.

Dr. Gallia can also assume the role of an phone consultant. This is best suited for patients who live in another locale anywhere in the world. You will be required to send your medical records (can often be scanned and sent via email). After you complete the comprehensive pain questionnaire (can be emailed to you and back) Dr. Gallia will conduct a phone consultation with you. This may take between 30-60 minutes. Although Dr. Gallia can not make a definitive diagnosis without personally examining you, he can offer expert advice based on your medical records, previous diagnoses, and current symptoms. A written report will be generated at your request.

Dr. Gallia is a Qualified Medical Evaluator (California) and can conduct QME evaluations or act as a Worker's Comp treating physician-dentist.

Dr. Gallia has evaluated and treated thousands of injured patients. He can act as an expert witness and treating physician-dentist in your case. He will often treat injured patients on a lien basis.

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