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Personal Injury

This page presents background information regarding Personal Injury and is not intended as a substitute for expert legal counsel.  If you are injured require further legal information contact seek legal representation from an experienced PI attorney in your area.

Dr. Gallia has treated thousands of injured TMJ/facial injury patients in his career. Most injured TMJ patients are treated with the same methodology as those with non traumatic causation.

Traumatic TMJ and associated symptoms may be mild or severe. Symptoms lasting for a week or less may not require medical attention if spontaneous healing occurs.

Often TMJ injuries resolve over time with over the counter pain medication, jaw stretching, and the use of heat. Cold or other self treatment measures. If symptoms persist longer than one month after injury, you should seek care from an EXPERIENCED TMJ clinician.

Injured patients often have difficulty getting their injured TMJ covered by insurance companies. This often revolves around 2 disputes: 1) that the trauma mechanism in question (most often a motor vehicle accident) was the cause of the patient's TMJ disorder.

If the auto insurance company deny responsibility for your injury, you will probably have to hire an attorney to force them to pay for your injures, lost wages, and possibly pain and suffering. Make sure you hire an attorney experienced in personal injury.

Your attorney will want you to receive treatment and to see a clinician who will document the traumatic nature of your problem.

The evaluation may be somewhat lengthy, depending on the complexity of your case. Dr. Gallia spends a great deal of time with you in taking the history.  Often the entire case and your current condition can only be assessed by a very thorough history.  There may be details in particular which the doctor has been asked to address.  Do your best to take your time and answer any questions as honestly as you can remember.

The TMD physical examination may also be somewhat lengthy. You will undergo a complete head, neck, jaw and dental examination. In some cases special tests may need to be ordered like TMJ tomograms, MRI Scans, CT Scans and additional tests. Such additional tests will only be required if the doctor is unable to render an opinion unless such tests are obtained.

When there is a legal dispute concerning causation of your TMD/TMJ problem, it may be difficult to get your treatment paid for. You may have to be treated on a lien.

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